In April Dr Duncan-Smith travelled with the Interplast team to Mongolia for the Bright Blue Mongolia project.

This year Dr Duncan-Smith was the head Plastic Surgeon that took part in the trip, along with Nurses Tanya Karal and Leonie Simmons and Occupational Therapist Diana Francis. The local doctors included Dr Galbadrakh (Head of the Burns Unit) and Dr Bayasaa (Burns Surgeon).

The key activities of the trip included relationship building with the local burns team, the undertaking of needs assessment, outpatient sessions, formal lectures over 2 days and 2 days of operating on acute and reconstructive burns cases with a heavy emphasis on education and supervision of the local surgeons utilising the techniques shown.

Operations were carried out in a mentoring / teaching style to initially show a technique and then the local surgeons being supervised using that technique. Over the course of the week the team consulted with 120 patients and operated on 7.

After the success of the trip, plans have already been made to return next year.