During the 2012 Interplast program activity, 27 life-changing surgical procedures were undertaken and 37 patients were consulted by the Interplast team in Vila. Dr. Mark Duncan-Smith was one of the key surgeons in this program.

This year, Interplast delivered one surgical service program activity in Vanuatu. Vanuatu remains one of the more service-oriented programs in the Pacific due to the limitation of available personnel to undertake training.

Surgeons are kept extremely busy with general surgery cases and cases requiring specialist treatment, including plastic and reconstructive cases, are often postponed until a visiting team such as Interplast arrives. However, visiting Interplast teams to Vanuatu in recent years have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of staff and services at Port Vila Hospital.

To date, Interplast has delivered 25 program activities in Vanuatu, with the first conducted in 1985. 1232 patients have been consulted and 766 surgical procedures performed.